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The role and figure of women over the years has varied considerably. Mainly, women have always adopted a more submissive role. Escort Service In Vadodara Sexual encounters were focused directly on reproductive purposes or on satisfying her male partner. Yet in recent years all this has changed and female pleasure, a great unknown for the majority, has become increasingly important.

Sex is a very satisfying exercise that practically everyone can enjoy. That is why it is important to take into account certain notions of sexual health, protection and sexuality. Mainly because the possibilities are endless.

What is the best way to achieve female pleasure?

The month of March has already begun, a very special one because of a date marked in purple on the calendar. It is 8 March, Women’s Day. On this and other days, a multitude of special activities take place all over the world. All to highlight the figure of women, free and equal to other people of other genders.

Thanks to a group of women workers, many things are being debated and questioned today. One of them is the search for female pleasure. For this has always been accompanied by a lot of shame and taboos.

This is why many women find it difficult to talk openly about their desires and fantasies with friends, family and even their own partner. In many cases, it is even difficult for men to identify them.

That is why it is important to normalise the fact that yes, women are capable of feeling pleasure, and a lot of it. Moreover, most of them are almost multi-orgasmic. That is, capable of having more than one orgasm in a row. This is due to the characteristics of the vagina and the clitoris. There is no need to wait for a while, as in the case of the penis.

Women also masturbate

Fortunately, women’s bodies come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. And they are not all the same. That is why it is deducible that, doing the same with all of them, it is impossible to achieve maximum female pleasure. Therefore, it is important to explore and experiment.

In order to drive them crazy until they reach orgasm, it is recommended to follow these tips:

Female self-exploration

Touching oneself, exploring every centimetre of skin, getting to know one’s own erogenous and sensitive areas. Using hands, tongue, other parts of the body and even with the help of various objects or Vadodara escorts sex toys. Discover which movements, pressures and rhythms stimulate these areas the most. It also helps to learn some anatomy to find out where the most nerve endings are.

Use the 5 senses for female pleasure

Unlike men, who are very visual, a woman is easily stimulated by all of them. That is, sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. For this reason, when men see a good body, it is easier for them to be aroused than women. So, talk, touch, lick, use perfume, air freshener and take care of yourself.

Lights out and mind blank

On a biological and neurological level it is proven that all genders are different. But what does affect everyone is the mind. To be able to have and fully enjoy Vadodara escorts service sex, it is necessary to have a clear mind and focus only on the moment. Forget all the responsibilities, stress, rushing and so on to focus completely on female pleasure.

Uniforms, lingerie, flowers and an alpha male to ensure female pleasure

There are many clichés about “keeping a woman happy”. But beyond that, if in doubt, you can always ask directly. Yet the best thing to do if you want to surprise her is to flatter her. Respect her, pay her compliments, clearly show the desire she provokes, kiss her and give her gifts.

Then, depending on the intensity and daring, you can always play and buy her a uniform, surprise with a quickie or give her a massage with some oil.

Next stop: female pleasure

After so much time spent unnoticed in the dark, more and more women are admitting and seeking their own pleasure. They are trying out positions, places, practices and going much deeper into their sexuality.

In fact, even many studies and surveys confirm that women tend to be the ones who watch more lesbian porn and in hetero porn, they look more at women than men. All this regardless of their sexual orientation. Why is that? Curiosity. There is Call Girls In Vadodara plenty of written and visual information on how to satisfy a man. But not many know how to achieve female pleasure. That dedication, interest and approach to the female body, how to touch it, where and in what way.

For this reason, every 8th of March and the rest of the year it is important that every woman can feel free to explore and deepen her sexuality. But also to seek satisfaction in all areas. To normalise and make visible that all people, whatever they are, feel, think and decide how they want to live and experiment with their bodies. Being able to wear the clothes they want and walk wherever they want.