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One of the great debates with very definite parts. Sex with socks, yes or no? Many have already openly expressed that it is something that can even diminish a person’s attractiveness and desire if you see them wearing this garment.

And the socks can be clean, spotless white, with the favorite superhero or animal print, which will have the same effect. Is it because they are looking for a skin on skin effect and in the end that gets in the way? It seems that in the case of their first cousins, stockings, the opposite is true. That is why here are the advantages of having sex with this conflicting article of clothing.

Sex with socks: a new fetish?

A fetish is an object or thing that produces intense pleasure or excitement. There are all kinds, more or less common. The case of this garment is not usually the case. Unlike heels, stockings, shirts, garters or a host of other garments.

In fact, there is one fetish that is particularly bothered by socks. This is the case of the popular foot fetish. Vadodara escorts One that deserves to be talked about on International Fetish Day, the third Friday of the year, that is, today.

People who enjoy this particular part of the body, enjoy licking, watching, taking care of them and even smelling them among other things. So the socks in this case, are a mere obstacle to their object of desire.

For others they may be unsightly or anti-erotic at least for the visual image you get. But beyond that, it is actually scientifically proven that having sex with socks helps to have better orgasms.

Better orgasms having sex with socks?

That’s right, the title is correct. Leaving your socks on during sex may help more than you think. But how exactly?

Help maintain body heat

Biologically, in order for arousal to occur and sexual intercourse to be fully enjoyed, it is all a matter of blood circulation. Vadodara escorts service That it can go and flow to the right areas helps to increase the sensitivity and warmth you feel.

That’s why having sex with socks, by keeping the feet warm, helps the body to focus on warming up other more interesting areas. Not to mention, obviously, how much the other person appreciates not rubbing frozen feet during sex.

Sex with socks: distraction or confidence?

The feet are an area of the body that is not usually noted for its beauty. In addition, they tend to be a somewhat neglected part by most Vadodara call girls people. Whether it’s painted nails, washing and drying them properly, taking care of the smell and even the shape.

For many it is more of an insecurity, a taboo and even a complete distraction. Especially for women who tend to be more mental when it comes to pleasure. That’s why good socks help to maintain the mystery.

Obviously the hygiene and smell part needs to be taken care of as well, but it’s like who prefers to do it with the lights off. Having sex with socks is a way of being able to let yourself go without thinking too much about anything other than enjoyment and pleasure. It’s about living in the present, as they say in meditation.

Waste of unnecessary time

When one imagines a Vadodara call girls sexual encounter, as described in books and even in films with erotic scenes, everything happens except that one piece of clothing.

And removing this garment can be quite a task. It takes time and in some cases balance. And obviously, when passion is ignited, people think of everything but socks. The only thing that matters is the excitement and desire in those moments. The mind is often clouded and the vision blurs. Only the obvious matters. So, many people don’t even think about these things, they just let themselves go and that’s it.

Sensitive feet

Indeed, this area of the body is home to a multitude of nerve endings. So as well as being hot or cold, they transmit a multitude of sensations. Even the slightest touch can tickle some people. And who wants the other person to start laughing while Escort Service In Vadodara having sex?  Beyond the tickling fetish, which is almost all about tickling, others can find it disconcerting and even spoil the whole mood.

So having sex with socks can be a good option to prevent such a situation from happening.